There’s a leak! Who do I call first?

January 10, 2020 | Insurance

There’s a leak in your home ~ who do you call first?

If you call your insurance agent, it’s possible that you rate will go up, even if you don’t end up wanting to file a claim.  It’s best to call an excellent restoration contractor first.  They can inspect the amount of water and establish the source of the damage.  Then you’ll have a better idea of whether to open an insurance claim.

Secondly, many insurance companies have “preferred vendors” that they like to recommend.  These are contractors that agree to do minimal work and charge the insurance a cut-rate in exchange for the referral. They are motivated to keep the insurance company happy with them so that they continue to get referrals. Whether you call us or another restoration company, we strongly recommend that you avoid “preferred vendors” and make sure that your contractor is loyal to you, not your insurance company.

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