Frequently Asked Questions

Water & Flood Restoration Company

Who do you help?

We work with both insurance and non-insurance claims for residential, multi-family, and commercial sites.

Are you a “preferred vendor” for my insurance company?

Absolutely not.  Preferred vendors are contractors that have made a bargain with the insurance companies to work at a discount.  The insurance company then controls what they can and cannot do.  This creates a major incentive for the contractor to do the minimum job possible.  This goes completely against our company policy to take excellent care of the buildings that we dry and repair.  Our contract is with you, the homeowner.  We will take care of your home as if it were our own.  The insurance company does not have the right to pick who you have do your repairs. Whether you use our company or another, we highly recommend that you do not go with the “preferred” (discount) vendor that your carrier recommends.

How soon should we call you?

Mold starts growing quickly, so the sooner that we can start cleaning up and drying things out, the more components that can be saved rather than replaced.  Also, insurance often requires that you mitigate the damage (prevent further damage) as soon as the damage event occurs.  Call us right away, or they may have an additional reason to try to deny your claim.

Is my claim reimbursable by my insurance?

It depends on your policy – every policy is different.  In general, some policies have limits on mold, lead and asbestos.

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup Services